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Y101 Cebu DYIO 101.1 Mhz has consistently programmed contemporary hit radio. Our strong listening audience is made up of loyal, active listeners and an increasing number of Internet savvy individuals. They are dedicated to their favorite contemporary artists and to the Y101 lineup.Y101 is a Contemporary Hit Radio (CHR) station. We play the hot hits that has the broadest appeal. Y101’s audience is strongest in the 13-35 male and female groups, registering a high 84.3% dominance in the A, B, and C market. These groups are considered the “super consumers,” meaning individuals entering the peak of their buying power and developing their product loyalty and shopping habits. Our listeners consume a wide variety of goods and services.

Aside from the music, Y101 features an award-winning lineup of on-air personalities. The “Rhythm Crew” entertains in an exciting, friendly manner. They keep their fingers on the pulse of Cebu, and they relay this information to their listeners. Dedicated to providing good, clean, fun, and up-to-the-minute information, the Rhythm Crew is part of Cebu’s community.

Y101 is very visible in Cebu. As an absolute trendsetter, we consistently host on-air promotions and produce events like concerts, parties, and sporting competitions to entice longer listening. We also take part in important local, national, and international affairs that happen in the city and its neighboring provinces. Our live broadcast crew can be seen roaming the island on an almost daily basis!

In short, if something is happening, it’s happening on Y101. Y101 is your link to a dynamic audience that can be motivated in to your business!

Frequency: 101.1 Mhz (DYIO-FM)
Power: 10,000 Watts
Cosmopolitan Cebu and Cebu Province
Dumaguete, Ormoc, Tagbilaran, Dipolog, and Northern Mindanao
Computer streaming

Music: CHR (Contemporary Hit Radio)
News: 6 a.m.-11 a.m. and 1 p.m.-5 p.m.
Headlines, Sports, Tech, Business, and Entertainment

Target Audience:
A, B, and Upper C

Broadcast Hours:
Mon-Thurs 6 a.m.-12 nn
Fri-Sun 6 a.m.-2 a.m.


Telephone: +63-32-412-6101

Mobile: +63-905-326-6101


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