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Star FM Roxas DYRX 103.7 Mhz starts its operation on March 1993, located at Arnaldo Boulevard, Roxas City. It was locally known as owned by Rogelio Florete's Consolidated Broadcasting System Inc. DYRX 103.7 Mhz. Star-Fm-Roxas the first fm station in the city to feature a state-of-the-art studio and transmitter. Before it was renamed to Star Fm, it used to be "The Sound of the Future". It differed from its Bacolod and Iloilo counterpart which both carried "The Rhythm of the City" monicker. The misconception that Star FM Roxas would be different from Star FM Bacolod and Iloilo when it comes to its programming. The first station also to broadcast 24 hours a day, but after about 8 years, they followed the 18-hour a day format which most of the radio stations in the city either signs off at 10pm or 12 midnight because of few advertisers or none at all from 9pm to 5am. At present, Star-Fm has been rated as the NUMBER ONE RADIO Station in Roxas City besting even its sister station Bombo Radyo AM and is the only surviving FM radio in the city at the present.


Telephone: +63-36-6214-967



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