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Spirit FM Lucena City DWVM 103.9 Mhz, CMN is previously known as PFCB, Philippine Federation of Catholic Broadcasters – a radio network owned and operated by different pioneering Catholic Broadcast media corporations. Manifesting a strong WILL and CONVICTION to adapt to the fast changing times and to squarely face up to the challenges and competitive pressures, this network recently took on a new name… thus the birth of acronym … … CMN. This new identity has evolved to emphasize the uniqueness and competitiveness of this giant radio network vis-a-vis other radio networks and to “re-awaken” its role and responsibility to the respective communities it belongs to and wholeheartedly serve, and to the business sectors it interfaces with.

Note that at a glance, this Credible Media Network may be misconstrued as pointing towards the solely religious, spiritual and pious realm, effective only at the pulpits, of perhaps, mistaken to a world-renowned cable network. However, by its true essence, this is definitely a misnomer, because CMN maintains its unique identity of not just a Catholic Media Network but also a Credible Media Network.
CMN is a network of 52 radio stations 25 fm and 27 am radio stations spread over the Philippine Archipelago in 14 regions and 40 provinces… truly a GIANT – still is the biggest radio station network in the Philippines, both in total number of transmitting power per station.

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7 comments on “Spirit FM Lucena City DWVM 103.9 Mhz

  1. alilie says:

    I like your program ..very funny.. boses pa lang..super.

  2. pabati sa mga utol ko,kay dayo,siso at solterong jerry dyan sa tulos rosario,batangas

  3. orlan says:

    pkibati nmn un family q sa atimonan quezon c haidee tundag my wife at kim lester my only son

  4. orlan says:

    i like ur songs… kya nga lagi aq nk online sa station ninu eh!!! anyway d2 aq sa riyadh saudi arabia>>>>

  5. orlan says:

    hello miss dj

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