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RMN Cagayan De Oro DXCC 828 Khz is an AM station of Radio Mindanao Network in the Philippines. The station’s studio is located in A, Velez., Cagayan de Oro City The main format of the station is drama, public service and news. Sometime in 1948, Don Henry R. Canoy, together with Robin Cui and Vicente Rivera, set up two home-built tube radio receivers bought from Fideng Palacio of Puntod and placed them in an abandoned chicken poultry house situated at the corner of Velez and del Pilar streets in Cagayan de Oro for the purpose of listening to radio broadcasts from Manila. Canoy and friends ended up listening to radio broadcasts at night when reception was better. Eventually, the friends were all convinced to build a radio transmitter of their own. The group managed to assemble a 30-Watt radio transmitter from surplus parts bought at Raon Street in Quiapo, Manila. Henry Canoy broke the airwaves as a Pirate radio station in 1949, declaring “This is Cagayan de Oro calling…”. Because the broadcast was not authorized by the Radio Control Office RCO, it did not contain call letters.

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39 comments on “RMN Cagayan De Oro DXCC 828 Khz

  1. good morning to all…….

  2. Beat Nigg says:

    I am Beat Ferdinand Nigg and i live in Angeles City and i think her Mobil did steel somebody or it has a very big Problem that i can not have contact to her again and also she not to me.
    Her name is Mylene Magluway and she live in Cagayan de Oro or there around and her not working Mobil-Nr. is 0919 490 91 72
    My Name is Beat Ferdinand Nigg and my Mobil-Nr. is 0916 670 39 43
    i hope you can helping me to have contact again to my Girlfriend, and if she call to you that you can give it her my Mobil-Nr.
    Thanks for your help
    Beat Ferdinand Nigg

  3. dle man ma klaro ang tingog, sagarat mn. mas klaro p lge ang DYHP cebu? gusto ko maminw ug drama.. please unta maau n ang signal

  4. Leonardo P. Jacalan Jr. says:


  5. maayong buntag dxcc,,,from europe,,

  6. hi..kuya c angelie ni gusto naku ehatag textme

  7. Sir dito po sa Cagayan de Oro city ay marami pa po mga establishments and company na hindi pa po sumusunod sa tamang wage and time na dapat e parender ng mga employees nila. Isa na po rito ang Urgena Fruits. Urgena fruits is not fair to their employees because they are directing their new employees to render 10 hours a day duty for 4 months but only 8 hours will be counted and P286 will be given to the employee as minimum wage. they are not giving overtime pay, no banefits like sss, philhealth and pagibig. they are not paying double to their employee when ask to duty on holidays. I know that most of the employees of the said private company are afraid to complain because of the fear of losing job.DOLE cagayan de Oro is not that sincere in making inspection with this kind of problem. sana po matigil na ang ganitong uri ng pamamalakad ng mga employer ABUSO na po ito sa mga empleyado.

  8. Go Pot Reck says:

    Very Nice…

  9. Carolasianbeauty says:

    please help locate Charles Jasson Pineda and mother Chona Luplup. They live at a barangay near the Carmen bridge, a very low area. Thank you.

  10. Carolasianbeauty says:

    can we send news from the US through this website?

  11. Sbriones24 says:

    pwede mangutna kung unsa status sa consolacion village?

  12. Arielalvarez1 says:

    Any updates for Puerto and Solana, Jasaan???? I still cant contact my parents from that area…

  13. Anonymous says:

    pinaka naapektuhan mga taga macasandig/tibasak, balulang (from macanhan), bgy. 15, burgos street n consolacion kay didto ang daghan nalumos/nalunod hangtod kisame ang baha… halos tanan tao nisaka sa ilang mga atop… nazareth n many other areas near river banks from iponan to cugman nalubog sa baha between 12MN to 5AM (peak between 1AM-2AM) when a lot of people were asleep…

    at least 120 dead bodies brought to diff funeral parlors (bollozos, somo & cosmo), nakaratay sa gawas kalye kasi marami di pa makilala… daghan dili malimpyohan kay wala water supply hangtod karon… brown-out sad for the last 24-hrs busa lisod communicate ug halos wala or delayed kaayo balita… down ang ila internet cables ug telephone lines, except those nga naay cellphone (nga wala pa nag-empty bat)…

    since wala na ang baha ug ulan/bagyo, nag retrieval operations mga sundalo ganina… still on-going pa ata ug ga-organize ng mga relief operations…

    sorry wala ko’y contact sa mga officials ng disaster coordinating teams at kung asa pwede magdirect sa mga inquiries… perhaps, in a few more hours when power is restored

  14. Lore says:

    any updates sa villa angela balulang pls

  15. Chuk says:

    unsa man gyud ang specific nga mga baranggay ang naapiktohan sa bagyo? para klaro.

  16. Gypse03 says:

    sobou kaaayo palandungo nga drihiya result sa mga dagkong company nag operate mining sa cagayan de oro pasagad govern nato

  17. Naks says:

    ka sad sa panghitabo sa CDO…

  18. Neneluna007 says:

    Please help us find the family of Keth Torres in Balulang – your sister Matet Lim Jamarillo wants to hear from you. Non-stop crying! Please text or connect at:09157497249 – want to know your whereabouts. Thank you Radyo Bombo – Cagayan de Oro.

  19. Chariseobenieta says:

    what about sa Macabalan

  20. Maigomz says:

    any news about Gusa?

  21. engelberto camingawan says:

    asa man dapit ang portion sa CDO nga na bahaan?

  22. Cobacas says:

    baha sa balulang tungod sa bagyo…wala sila food and drinking water didto. please ko ipaabot sa government agency dha. salamat

  23. Lowed23 says:

    thank you so much for delivering the news..makapaminaw nako ug balita sa cagayan de oro.. -thank you so much from New York… hopefully, makarecover ra ang cdo sa kalamidad..

  24. Mslfranco says:

    kumusta ang lumbia especially sm mall and surrounding housing areas salamat kaayo. naay akong anak nagpuyo dinha, sa puntod, macasandig ug carmen

  25. Amable O'Neal says:

    what is your telephone number would like to call your station. Thank you Amable Buscaino O’Neal

  26. Paul says:

    thanks for the update! please check ang flood sa Macansandig Area please!

  27. radyo bombo says:

    Salamat sa inyo naa mi update dinhi sa abroad….

  28. hi magandang gabi bayan.

  29. jbats says:

    Dia ko sa ortigas, pasig city ug adlaw adlaw ko gapaminaw dire sa dxcc ilabina ang drama nga KUNG AKO ANG PASULTIHON, panalo sa kataw-anan!

  30. elmer says:

    kami sa cosmopolitan always naka TATAK RMN DXCC MORE POWER.IDOL

  31. Asiong de la Cruz says:

    dxcc is my forever radio station here in cdo.

  32. lian says:

    salamat s dxcc maski naa ko s saudi mkadungog ghapon ko s mga bagong balita. more power :)

  33. makaryo says:

    arancon is definitely corny.

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