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One Radio Tabaco DWQN 91.3 Mhz is an events-driven music and news radio station in the heart of Bicolandia. Programming is divided evenly between the best of music listening and news & public affairs: mornings are devoted to news and community service, while afternoons and evenings entertain listeners with a wide variety of musical selections from the station’s vast musical library – from pop and rock to standards and oldies. A unique feature of ONE RADIO 91.3 FM is its community-based events management and coverage. On a yearlong basis, the station creates and runs local events – from sports, musical and cultural competitions to sponsored sales promotions and coverage. Accordingly, ONE RADIO has a pool of correspondents and event organizers in every major town in the area. STATION PROFILE: Power : 5 KW Location : TABACO CITY Coverage : ALBAY PROVINCE Secondary Area : CAMARINES SUR, SORSOGON & CATANDUANES Format : MUSIC, NEWS & PUBLIC AFFAIRS Contact :

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