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MOR Davao DXRR 101.1 MHz is a radio station owned and operated by ABS CBN Broadcasting Network. MOR Davao is broadcasting at the frequency of 101.1 mhz in the FM band, reaches worldwide listeners through live audio webcast. Watch MOR Davao live stream online. Here’s a radio station in Davao City, Philippines that’s getting very popular not just in the local scene, but in the internet as well. MOR (My Only Radio) is an FM radio station managed and operated by ABS-CBN through its Regional Network Group (RNG). Check out MOR Davao’s hottest hits and funny DJs jam with radio listeners and followers online. The tandem to watch out for is Idol Dagol and Inday Tanini, both go on-air early mornings.

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76 comments on “MOR Davao DXRR 101.1 MHz

  1. Catcat_jamellah says:

    oi dj ha minaw ko karon s amga sounds kita tika live sa akung laptop hahahahahaah duko2x baya ko diri karon hahahaha kay na ako sa owrk ok lang kay wala man pud gibuhat ahhahahahaahhaah jamellah of saudi arabia

  2. Catcat_jamellah says:

    hi dj bisag naa ko diri sa saudi ngeta jud kog paraan para maka paminaw sa inyung station c.. jamellah of saudi arabia..

  3. ryn says:

    hi po..anu po ang title nung kanta n my lyrics n ” i love the way you love me, i love the u kiss me, i love the you hug me” salamat po..

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