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Mellow 947 DWLL 94.7 MHz, branded as Mellow 947, is a music FM station owned by FBS Radio Network Inc. in the Philippines. The station’s studio is located at Paragon Plaza, Mandaluyong City.

The station began broadcasts in 1973 (when the Philippines was under Martial Law) as DWLL-FM, The Mellow Touch, one of the pioneer FM stations that do not have disc jockeys in their programming that rely entirely on taped voiceover (now the famous television newscaster Mike Enriquez[citation needed]) to segue between songs.

Mellow Touch’s predominantly easy listening format gradually went down with the restoration of democratic rule in 1986, until just over 5 years ago, it started to accommodate on-air jocks and began to play largely pop alternative songs in-between the standard love songs. Today, to emphasize this shift in programming, it has changed their station title to just plain Mellow 947 (“ninety-four-seven”). Its programs now generally aim to bring out the mellow side of rock music fans.

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  1. @ last nasearch din kita….hahaha! happy much!

  2. joy mendiola says:

    Hi Tracy and Vince!!! I just posted Winnie the Pooh, please visit my blog www

  3. nadette says:

    yep, thank god this is working.. some of the stations aren’t. im listening to it right now.. hi to all the people in Tres de Abril, Labangon, Cebu City.. Enjoy Cebuanos for the upcoming Sinulog. Pit Señor! Viva Santo Niño!!!

  4. henri says:

    i cant hear anything

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