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Love Radio Manila DZMB 90.7 MHz is the flagship FM station of Manila Broadcasting Company in the Philippines. The station’s studio is located at the Star City, CCP Complex, Pasay City. Love Radio was previously known by its call letters DZMB when it began broadcasts on the FM band in 1973 from its first broadcast days on the AM band. Back then, it played mainstream pop, later gravitating to easy listening music. As DZMB, it also introduced and institutionalized the deep-voiced radio announcer Dante Luzon, which later became its station manager up to the time that the station reformatted to this present programming.

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460 comments on “Love Radio Manila DZMB 90.7 MHz

  1. i like the choices of the songs u played….. please play all the songs of kapuso and kapamilya…..i enjoyed listening in this station good lack and more power……

  2. tnx…pls play all songs of all artist……

  3. hi… its nice to hear your sound in internet

  4. phoebe says:

    i like the choices of songs but there are some songs that i dont know the title.. will it be possible to incorporate the title of the song the is being played.. thanks and more power…

  5. ripcord says:

    im listening from saudi arabia,love radio FM internet kaya lang minsan nag buffer.ok lang para din lang sa pinas.mawala ang homesick.morepower!

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