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This station has been flagged as not working on 2015-11-09 and it is excluded in our mobile applications. If you're the owner of this station please contact us.


Love Radio Dagupan DWID 98.3 MHz, Since its first broadcast on Valentines Day in 1988, 98.3 LOVE RADIO continuous to play beautiful music that captures the heart of many music lovers in Dagupan City and the whole province of Pangasinan. 98.3 LOVE RADIO also airs early relevant newscast, particularly national issues, weather updates and public service announcements from credible newscasters on board. The station believes that those are indispensable factors to satisfy listeners. Equating to the lighter side, la showbiz and sports news, health tips and trivia comprise entertainment segments. Located at Carried Lumber Building, M.H. Del Pilar st., Dagupan City, to present.

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