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Love Radio Baguio DWMB 95.1 MHz was first aired in the City of Pines on August 8, 1992. Back then, it played mainstream pop, later gravitating to easy listening music.
95.1 Love Radio ( DWMB 95.1 MHz Baguio ) is under the Manila Broadcasting Company in the Philippines. The studio is located at the Ground Floor of Skyrise Hotel Dominican Road, Lourdes Proper, Baguio City.

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23 comments on “Love Radio Baguio DWMB 95.1 MHz

  1. please help me to find manong driver. sumakay po kmi sa taxi nya around 10:30 thursday feb 18 2016 sa sumolong street papunta sa school(university of baguio) and nahulog ko po ung pocket wifi naginagamit po min sa school, please kung pwede po pkibalik nlng po ung item, pocket wifi po na puti. this is my contact number 09476345852 maraming salamat po

  2. Be Mine says:


  3. Be Mine says:


  4. Shamrock Mountainers says:

    halow papa jack…..

  5. Shamrock Mountainers says:

    love ur program…more power……nakachamba kay daddy bing heheheh

  6. Shamrock Mountainers says:

    love ur program…more power……nakachamba kay daddy bing heheheh

  7. Papa jack nag kamali ako sa pag pili ng love ko

  8. Love radio lang talaga!!!!!!!

  9. Papa jack mali nanaman sa pag pili sa love life ko anthony geneta

  10. Paki play magkabilang mundo by jireh lim
    At paki sabi po sa daddy ko sa jeda na mag padala naman po

  11. Puwede po bang patugtugin yung magkabilang mundo

  12. Papa jack papabati ko lang daddy ko sa ibang bansa sa jeda ako po si anthony s. geneta

  13. Chad Silao says:

    batiin nman nnyo kmi d2 sa ryadh mga saco hardware sales man araw araw kmi nakikinig lav radio baguio.

  14. Chad Silao says:

    start na papa jack.

  15. Chad Silao says:

    san kapa parang nasa bahay lng ako basta nakikinig lng love radio ok na baguio ang dating d2 sa ryahd.

  16. Pablito Pena says:

    oo nga pre ilove love radio baguio…

  17. Chad Silao says:

    maganda talaga makinig love radio baguio parang nasa baguio lang ako mis kuna baguio.

  18. Chad Silao says:

    kamusta ti baguio city.

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