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Lite FM Lanao del Norte DXVL 107.7 Mhz Additional Information

Lite FM Lanao del Norte DXVL 107.7 Mhz is a commercial FM radio station owned and operated by Llamas Broadcasting Network, and affiliate of Philippine Electronics and Communication (PEC). Its broadcast center is situated along Fr. De Persio Street, Maranding, Lala, Lanao del Norte, Philippines. We’re now 12 years in public service through music and information. DXVL-FM a.k.a. Lite FM 107.7 is the first radio station in the Southern Philippines which operates with a computer system that causes to deliver an amazing crystal clear quality audio on-air. Its audio output is 99.9% compatible to both old and new models of FM radio tuners or receivers.

Our first test experimental radio broadcast station was in 1998, 2 years without any programming applied and commercial, we’re playing pure music on air, with Station ID of Llamas Radio On Test Broadcast. Propagating for only 2 watts maximum power and operating on selected hours. The formal launching was in 2000 upon National Telecommunications Commission’s approval of the license to do business.

The station’s very first transmitter was assembled and developed by Engr. Carmelito Llamas, a person with a vision for technical advancements. He is a holder of a degree in Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering, mastering electronics, logic circuits, radio communications, system design and web development.

Engr. Llamas’ research for better techniques continues until this date. He desires to develop technologies that are useful and beneficial to people. Lite FM 107.7 is one of the few radio stations in the Philippines that propagate with the latest state of the art digital transmission. We are HD digital radio similar to most radio stations in the United States today. Though, at present, we locally set our transmissions in a low powering mode since an HD radio receiver in our area of broadcast is still limited.

As soon as the HD radio technology becomes available in the local market, Lite FM 107.7 is ready. We hold the future!

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18 comments on “Lite FM Lanao del Norte DXVL 107.7 Mhz

  1. halaka wow..ala ko damha na maka dungug ko ug radyu sa lanao.

  2. Bruzz5 says:

    hello sky good morening…

  3. Bruzz5 says:

    morening sky

  4. Bruzz5 says:

    thank you so for my refreshing my mind. I’m always listening in your radio station to glory of god..

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