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This station has been flagged as not working on 2017-08-07 and it is excluded in our mobile applications. If you're the owner of this station please contact us.


Plays i-Radio Pilipinas – Philippines

With the devoir to serve and entertain filipinos worldwide I-Radio Pilipinas will stream live,play your most wanted songs and enthrall you together with the best djs in I-Radio Pilipinas.

With its pursuit in enriching OFWs live through high quality music, entertainment and radiocasting will continue touching and entertaining our OFWs’. Together with its vision “Reaching Filipino people worldwide by giving them acces to a radiostation that renders better enthrallment and endowment.” I-Radio Pilipinas will serve as one of the Pinoy internet radio station that would soon give a quake to our fellow OFWs’ who are far away from home.

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