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This station has been flagged as not working on 2015-02-20 and it is excluded in our mobile applications. If you're the owner of this station please contact us.


Hot FM Dipolog DXHD 100.5 MHz, branching out from the Manila Broadcasting Company came to rise Today’s Best Music 100.5 HOT FM (formerly 89.7 MHz), owned and managed by DMC Radio Broadcasting network. The hot FM Band, the only radio station in Dipolog City that has proudly established consistent and strong listeners for its market. Our listeners represent a cross section of society from all walks of life. Student, office employees, young executives, car owners, purchasing professionals, etc. A good mix of the A,B,C and D markets. A radio station with friendly and impressive pool of “DEEJAYS” and freshest music for the masses. Creative, original, innovative, dynamic which have made us visible in the city biggest events – setting new standards in Philippine broadcasting.

Now BROADCASTING LIVE 24 hours a day, at the 5th floor Dipolog Medical Center College Foundation campus with an authorized power of 5,000 watts, authorized by the National Telecommunication Commission (NTC) of the Republic of the Philippines. For more information call us at + at +63.919.6898901 or email us at or YM


Telephone: +63-65-212-8320



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