1) Q: Why some of the radio stations is not working?
A: Here is the problem why some of the radio stations is not working.

  • Maybe the station you are tuning in is temporarily offline due to power failure, internet problem, hardware problem and unknown problem might they encounter during their broadcast in the Philippines.
  • Some of the station needs plug-ins, software’s to be installed first in order to function properly. e.g. AAC+ & Silverlight plugins.
  • They might be a server IP changes. Please try to use “report button”, to report a problem.
  • Maybe the station you’re tuning in to is not broadcasting or no longer exist.
  • Some of the stations are not broadcasting 24 hours a day. Please the Philippines local time.

5)Q: Why there’s so many advertisements on your website?
A: This is how I generate revenue from the advertisement. The amount generated by ads is use to fund the hosting services, domain services and audio streaming services used by this website in order stay online.


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