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Energy FM Metro Manila, under the brand 91.5 Energy FM, is a music FM radio station owned and operated by Ultrasonic Broadcasting System Inc. (UBSI) in the Philippines. The station’s studio is located in Diliman, Quezon City Prior to UBSI’s acquisition, the station was located in Pasig City.

In 1984, 91.5 Energy FM use to be known as KY 91 5 under Mabuhay Broadcasting System, Inc. (MBSI) which also owned DZXQ 1350 AM playing classic rock hits during the late 80’s and the rest of the 90’s.
Then in 1998, KY 91 5 became K91 FM playing mainly novelty and pop music.
In October 2003, Ultrasonic Broadcasting System acquired the FM operations of MBSI, and DWKY-FM was relaunched under a new name, 91.5 Energy FM.
In July 2006, The Edge Radio of United Christian Broadcasters occupied the 6pm – 6am timeslot of Energy FM. But on November 2006, UBSI reclaimed the said block and resumed broadcast on a 24-hour basis.

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22 comments on “Energy FM Metro Manila DWKY 91.5MHz

  1. emil says:

    ganda ng music sa energy

  2. Zpitfire2k3 says:

    hay sa wakas narinig din boses ni idol Mr. Foo! yeeeha!

  3. jenedlynh says:

    tama..nakakarelax xa lalo n pag maganda ung music rAdio

  4. Jigsaw says:

    Sarap naman makinig ng music habang nag susurf sa net …

  5. owen cleofas says:

    energy love it

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