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Energy FM Metro Manila DWKY 106.7 MHz "Energy FM" is owned and operated by the Ultrasonic Broadcasting System, Inc (UBSI), a media company that runs the network of popular FM stations in major Philippine cities including Metro Manila, where it is based. It started operations in Davao, Cebu, Naga and Dagupan in the 1990s and then expanded its wings in Metro Manila, debuting in 2003. The extensive audience reach and popularity of UBSI’s “Energy FM” stations may be attributed to its highly competitive transmitter power outputs running on a platform based on the latest, state of the art radio technology. 106.7 Energy FM (Manila) is supported by a maximum 25 kilowatt transmitter power output. Clear and crisp broadcast in Davao (10 Kilowatts), Cebu (20 Kilowatts), Naga (5 Kilowatts) and Dagupan (10 Kilowatts) is likewise ensured by the sheer power produced by UBSI’s provincial transmitters. More than investing the latest in broadcast equipment, UBSI has also kept high standards in choosing its production, technical and administrative manpower. On-hand to ensure the realization of UBSI's success is a team comprised of the most respected names in the local broadcast media. UBSI delights its listeners with its own brand of entertainment, providing a mix of a wide variety of music, the latest news, as well as educational and informative programs and segments. Through the years, the company has garnered various awards from prestigious organizations such as the Catholic Mass Media Awards and KBP among others, affirming that the radio station has indeed successfully struck the balance between form and substance and, effectively, made a mark both in public patronage and advertisers' share of business.


Telephone: +6326379317


Fax: +6326333249


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