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Energy FM Cebu DYKT 94.7 MHz is a music FM radio station owned and operated by Ultrasonic Broadcasting System Inc.. The stations studio is located at Cebu City. This used to be Mellow Touch 94.7, under ownership of FBS Radio Network Inc., from 1992 - 1998. In 1998, UBSI acquired this station & rebranded it as 94.7 Energy FM due the ownership swapping. Energy FM is operating on a full power of 20,000 watts or 65,000 ERP (EFFECTIVE RADIATED POWER). ENERGY-FM has consistently earned majority audience share of radio listeners, topped various radio surveys conducted in Cebu City and continues to be an indispensable partner of the community as a tool of disseminating information, news, public service and wholesome entertainment. A radio station that serves people from all walks of life, thus, making ENERGY-FM 94.7 "the people's everyday companion masayang kasama". Huwag mong sabihing radyo, sabihin mong energy...


Telephone: +63322546525,+63322368572

Mobile: +639231521955


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