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DYTR Bohol 1116 Khz is a radio station based in Tagbilaran City, Bohol broadcasting at 91.1 MHz. It is owned by Tagbilaran Broadcasting Corporation, along with news station DYTR-AM, which broadcasts at 1116 kHz. The studios for both of these stations are located at CAP building located at the corner of J Borja Street and Carlos P Garcia Avenue, while the transmitter is located just outside of Tagbilaran. This station broadcasts a masa format under the brand name “True Radio,” which has been used since 2007. Unlike other masa stations, however, the DJ’s do not engage in green jokes and the like. 911 FM True Radio is considered to be the most listened to station in Bohol.

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21 comments on “DYTR Bohol 1116 Khz

  1. richard balili saren says:

    maayong pag paminaw sa saren family ug villamor family labi na ang akoa mga silingan diha sa can-agong sikatuna kosog kaayo ang dytr diri sa muscat oman keep up the good work guys from richard saren

  2. marwin says:

    Hi to all!mo greet ko sa akong ginikanan diha sa cogon sa Terec Family.Maayong buntag diha ninyong tanan!

  3. nolnol says:

    greetins ko diha sa taga lila, labina sa nag saulog sa iyang adlawng natawhan karon nga si reno tagab….

  4. ryan says:

    greetings sa tanan taga Balilihan, especially sa taga sal-ing, sa akong pamilya ug mga kaparyentihan ug silingan….happy sunday sa tanan.

  5. Eladio Malanog says:

    greetings to Cecil Canda, Zeanette Mainit ug tanan nga taga Tanday, Corella…Naldo Maragañas ug Botbot Indo! Go Corella against Rapal!!!

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