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Today, DWRW 95.1 FM continues to shine and serve the people of Central Luzon as it marks another milestone in the airwaves especially countryside radio broadcasting.

RW 95.1 FM—a proud member of the Laus Group of Companies tri-media—continues to be on top as it celebrates its 17th year, capping its history with honors like the 16th and 20th KBP Golden Dove Awardee for best FM station, besting equally good national radio stations, such as Jam 88.3, Wave 89.1, Love Radio 90.7, and Monster Radio 93.1 in 2007, since it first went on the air in 1995.

Broadcasting from the heart of the City of San Fernando, RW 95.1 FM continuously serves and captivates its listeners through public affairs programs and fine mix of music stream it airs – sending waves of balanced and up-to-date news, essential information, and entertaining music from local to overseas communities.

As RW 95.1 FM turns another year older today, it promises to reach out to more of our beloved “Cabalens” abroad, making them experience the warmth of home as they get to enjoy good Filipino and Kapampangan music even if they are thousands of miles away from the Philippines. Through its very own online streaming via its official website, our countryside radio has become accessible in countries like U.S.A., Dubai, China, Saudi, Canada, Singapore, Australia, Guam, Japan, Maryland, Nigeria, Korea among others, adding strength to its success.

Another feather on the cap of RW is added as your countryside radio topped among other provincial radio stations in the recently held survey of Spectrum Research Service. RW 95.1 FM is the number one most listened to provincial FM radio station.

Once Again RW95.1 FM would like to thank its growing number of listeners, advertisers and supporters for making it the best and most listened to FM station in Central Luzon for the past 17 years. Continue shining with us, and let our voice be yours! “Nukarin ka pa? Keni na ka!”

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Telephone: +63-45-963-9595,+63-45-963-1939, +63-45-860-2364



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