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Bombo Radyo Vigan DZVV 603 KHz is the most listened to station in the entire province of Ilocos Sur. For more than forty years, even during the pre-martial law years The Dark Era of Ilocos Sur, when the most feared armed group of “Saka-saka” barefoot armies touch down villages, DZVV-Vigan is already a household name, revered, respected because of its fearless views and commentaries.

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106 comments on “Bombo Radyo Vigan DZVV 603 KHz

  1. arlen says:

    kumabla awak man sir t naimbag nga adaw u amin dita kablaawak da barroga family pacpaco family pilien family tacazon family jay balaleng sir agyamanak t bombo radyo toy nagsurat boyet pilien from Rome italy

  2. mellanio says:

    pkibati nmn po ang mgs kabagyan me dita pangasinan dagity bacutana cen ariola cen oilas family

  3. leng leng says:

    elo po pwde po ba mag greet sa manga pamilyia ko dian sa bongtoln..tacla family and anicoche family i mis u all…from leng leng,rc and rosalyn sa montreal canada, maraming salamt din po sa bombo radyo…

  4. leng leng says:

    elo po gsto ko sana mag greet sa manga pamiliya ko sa bongtolan manga tacla family and anicoche family…and also manga kaibign ko dian…

  5. Emily Galangco says:

    pki greet po ung apo ko bukas n si Karen Fe Tawagen ng Barangay BUTARAG Gregorio del pilar ilocos sur…
    greetings from ur lola meling galangco of kingdom of saudi arabia. maraming salamat s bombo radyo araw araw kmi nkikinig d2 sa saudi ng bombo radyo.mabuhay ang bombo radyo

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