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Bombo Radyo Tuguegarao DZGR 891 Khz Additional Information

Bombo Radyo Tuguegarao DZGR 891 Khz is the most listened radio station in the city and whole province of Cagayan North. In national radio survey by Geovisual Solutions, the listenership supremacy of Bombo Radyo Tuguegarao was asserted as it was shown that every 1 in 4 individuals aged 13 to 65 listens to this station.

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32 comments on “Bombo Radyo Tuguegarao DZGR 891 Khz

  1. Anonymous says:

    More power to your station Bomboradyo Tuguegarao DZGR 891kz.

  2. bhong says:

    sir goodpm,as ko lng kng pnu mg great jn sa station nyu kc nkikinig ako ngaun po,d2 ako saudi,kc gsto ko great mga tga san esteban iguig cagayan,tnx po sir n gdblz..ok po cgnal d2 sir,,

  3. jose suyo says:

    PLS.paki ayos signal ng bombo tuguyegarao kasi puro hizing

  4. jose suyo says:

    good morning to mavic,rosalia.and victoria suyo there in tuguegarao.from tito of U.S.of A

  5. Congratulations Bombo Radyo Tuguegarao! More Power!

    Café Céramique, Sahara Mall
    Riyadh City, KSA

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