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Bombo Radyo Iloilo DYFM 837 kHz is the flagship AM commercial radio station owned and managed by Consolidated Broadcasting System., under Bombo Radyo Philippines. The station’s studio and transmitter are located at Bombo Radyo Broadcast Center, Sky City Tower, Mapa, Iloilo City, Iloilo, Philippines. Bombo Radyo Iloilo provides news, public service, drama and music for the audience of Iloilo City, Western Visayas Region and through the whole world via Bombo Radyo Iloilo is a 24-hour operating station except on Mondays where it signs-off at 12 am and during Holy Week where it signs-off from midnight of Good Friday and lasts until 4 am of Easter Sunday.

Best Program/Drama: Toyang Ermitanya, Kahapon Lamang Program (KLP), Provincial Jail, Bombohanay sa udto, Sona Libre and much more.

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110 comments on “Bombo Radyo Iloilo DYFM 837 kHz

  1. amor says:

    madamo gid nga salamat sa bombo radyo kay nag hagan -hagan ang kahidlaw ko sa akon mga kapatid at labi nagid sa akon nanay..bombo chum palihog man tamyaw gid sa akon nanay na c rosita latican,glory ,fely,danilo,onyok,efren ,nalen …nagapanamyaw ang iya bata nga c amor sa japan

  2. Tomas Fernandez says:

    Salamat lang gid sa Bombo radyo updated kami dito sa Saudi kung ano ang nakahitabo sa aton banwa. Lunch break namon dia sa Saudi kaya ito tutuk gid sa balita. Bombo Chum.. lihog ko bi tamyaw ang akon Tatay nga si tomas sang brgy Jalaud at nagapanamyaw iya bata sa Saudi nga c Jayr

  3. Tomas Fernandez says:

    hello bombo radyo, palihog ko tamyaw ang akon tatay nga nagapamati gid subong nga si Tomas Fernandez ang panamyaw halin sa iya anak ng si Jay-R from Saudi Arabia. madamo gid nga salamat.

  4. Tomas Fernandez says:

    Bombo Chum, palihog ko tamyaw ang akon amay dyan s sitio lip ak jalaud barotac nuevo nga nagapamati gid subong (c Tomas Fernandez SR) maayo lang nga pamati dyan sayo, halong lang da ah. ang nagapanamyaw si JR from Saudi Arabia. madamo gid nga salamat.. nagapamati gid ko subong sa bombo report iloilo..

  5. choosybabe says:

    bombo radyo been part of my daily life here in ireland. listening to bombo keep me updated with what`s going on in my homeplace iloilo

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