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Bombo Radyo Dagupan DZWN 1125 Khz Additional Information

Bombo Radyo Dagupan DZWN 1125 Khz have been the undisputed Number One Radio Station in Pangasinan. As proof, Bombo Dagupan came out number one in the July survey of the prestigious AC Nielsen survey outfit. Being the overall number one radio radio station in Dagupan City and the whole province of Pangasinan, it encompasses all economic classes but majority is from the ABC class. Even as a Pangasinan radio station, it enjoys a spillover listenership in the predominantly Ilocano province of La Union, in Nueva Ecija, Mt. Province ,Zambales and Tarlac.

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10 comments on “Bombo Radyo Dagupan DZWN 1125 Khz

  1. Bossing Dens says:

    paki ulit san carlos mahina signal.

  2. maria marlene frias says:

    hello to my lovely kids…malou and butog..musta na kayong lahat jan..well, i just wanna say love you and miss you a lot..ingat kayo jan lagi..godbless

  3. dhinz tamayo says:

    happy b,day dyad kinen tatay ko ya si amado tamayo.dyad lasip calasiao kumon et dakel nen b day ya ensabe ed sikayo .pagbati manlalapo ed anak yon si dindo ed seoul south korea

  4. ariel landingin says:

    kumusta kayo ditan kabeleyan ed bonuan blue beach…mabuhay dagupan!si kabaleyan ariel manderengel ed taipaei,taiwan.

  5. dhinz tamayo says:

    kabwasan ed sikayon amin.lalo la ditan ed lasip calasiao.tan ditan ed stasyon na bombo radyo

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