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Win Radio Cebu DYNU 107.5Mhz – We are glad to introduce to you the la POP MUSIC Radio Station in Metro Cebu 107.5 Win Radio!

Formerly known as Home of NU Rock, 107.5 Win Radio is owned and operated by the Progressive Broadcasting Corporation. The change in music format and the brand name came when Mr Manny Luzon joined the Network October 10 this year as our EVP/COO.

107.5 Win Radio is using a brand new 30kiloWatt Nautel Transmitter, an 888 tall (above sea level) tower and a brand new Orban 8500 Audio Processor.

Our Networks’ provincial stations; 107.5 Cebu, 107.9 Iloilo, 107.5 Davao and 107.9 Cagayan de Oro are also undergoing complete renovations including the change of music format and brand name to Win Radio.

With the tried and ed WINNING format introduced by Mr Luzon 107.5 Win Radio Manila is quickly catching the listeners’ attention.

107.5 Win Radio! Pinag iisipan pa ba Yan?

04:00am-07:00am Bernie Bonito
09:00am-11:00am Lady Dada
11:00am-01:00pm Joe Majikero
01:00pm-03:00pm Mama Lou
03:00pm-05:00pm Lady Dada
05:00pm-07:00pm FRC
07:00pm-09:00pm Joe Majikero
09:00pm-12:00MN Mama Lou
1:00am-4:00am Mama Lou

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