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Radio Boracay DYJV 106.1 MHz is operating under the brand Radio Boracay 106.1, is a licensed FM radio station of Advanced Media Broadcasting Systemsin the Philippines, with its studio located on Boracay Island in Malay, Aklan.

106.1 Radio Boracay began broadcasting in July 2006, the first to combine contemporary hits (commonly referred to as ‘Pop’ or ‘Top 40’) with an ‘island music’ format steeped in reggae and ‘beach music’. It maintains a music philosophy focused on what it calls ‘cool beach music,’ as well as other hits and some relatively rare reggae songs.

In time, Radio Boracay also became the premier events station in Boracay, bringing the island’s happenings to its listeners. Radio Boracay is also the first radio station in the Northwestern Visayas area to broadcast over the internet through streaming media technology.

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