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Muews Radio Tayasan 98.1 FM Your Music and News Station is a local radio station, introduced by YRA Broadcasting Center (Sagay Broadcasting Corporation) a media company that operates several radio stations in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao, where MUEWS Radio Tayasan 98.1 FM is being affiliated. Persons behind the idea of MUEWS RADIO Tayasan offer it to some business personalities in Tayasan, Negros Oriental Province to make the impossible become possible of having a new Music and News Radio Station in Tayasan, Negros Oriental Province. Muews Radio Tayasan is a commercial Tagalog-Visayan-English-medium entertainment, music and news radio station targeted to an informed audience in the 12-65 age groups. The station identifies with its modern listeners by way of a target-oriented music mix. Muews Radio Tayasan aims to satisfy listeners' needs in order to maintain majority market share through quality programming. As market leaders in the entertainment arena, Muews Radio Tayasan sets the pace and trend for today's audience.. Apart from the music targeting, the station’s programming is predominantly personality driven, with the Local top presenters on-air. MUEWS Radio Tayasan sets its quality service to a high level and it is the only FM Band Radio in BATMAN (Bindoy-Ayungon-Tayasan-Manjuyod) area, with state of the art facility, and broadcasting via internet world wide. Muews Radio Tayasan started transmitting on 1 March 2014. It was the first commercial radio station in the area with a High Definition Audio Broadcasting Facilities., following the opening up of the airwaves in the electronic media, Muews Radio boasts of a young and dynamic workforce that is small and effective. The members and staff have developed valuable experience in radio broadcasting and production expertise. Its prime business interest is for first district of negros oriental and Southern Province of Cebu. The station has four main departments namely Marketing, News Room, Presenters (on-air staff), Production and Management. On a regular basis we recruit trainee journalists on attachment from the major institutes as part of our commitment to the community we broadcast to.


Mobile: +63-927-144-2332,+63-927-144-2335,+63-919-640-4385



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