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Killer Bee Cebu DYBN 92.3 MHz is an FM radio station owned by Quest Broadcasting Incorporated under the brand Killer Bee 92.3. The studio is located at BSP Camp, Capitol Hills, Lahug, Cebu City. In 2007, the station celebrated their 15th year anniversary (with the theme “15 Years of Good Times”) through a concert held at Ratsky’s Cebu featuring performances from Hastang and other Cebuano Indie bands.

Killer Bee airs from 6 AM until 1 AM the next day from Mondays to Fridays, and from 6 AM until 2 AM the next day on Saturdays and Sundays.

DJ’s of Killer Bee 92.3:
1. Jack Stone for The Indie Weekly Top 10 and Local Brew
2. Frank Einstein for The Afternoon Drive and Bee Top 30
3. Joe Romeo
4. Chio Chavezfor the Daily Top Ten
5. Bobby Bee for the Urban Vibe

Junior Bees of Killer Bee 92.3 (Junior Jocks):
1. JB Yamie for the Ride
2. JB Hanie for the Weekend Renegade Radio (with JB Caryl)
3. JB Japz for the Bee Top 30 (with Frank Einstein)
4. JB Caryl for the Weekend Renegade Radio (with JB Hanie)

Killer Bee 92.3 conducts a monthly weekend party every last Saturday of the month dubbed as the Bee Party Series (BPS), with themes which varies on the occasion and product sponsors. Bee Party Series’ are being held in Cebu’s major clubs like the Autoshop, Juliana, Casanova Super Club, and Nuvo.

To expose Cebu’s youth talents, the station has been conducting a month long workshop for young aspiring DJ’s and called them the Junior Bees. Junior Bees go on air as a tandem or even have their own show.

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