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MISSION AND VISION MISSION: 102.9 Hot FM – Bugasong is a community-based station committed to serve the community in areas of public service, news and entertainment grounded on the principles of fair, enlightened, responsible, caring and professional broadcasting. It takes upon itself a task of uniting the community into one single purpose of achieving harmony, generosity and progress in its programming and broadcast. VISION: In pursuit of its mandate as a community-based radio 102.9 Hot FM – Bugasong envision to have: 1. Enlightened and well-informed public about news updates and issues. 2. Awakened a sense of giving, sharing and commitment to all public and civic activities thereby triggering a sense of volunteerism. 3. Empowered the public and the community in dramatizing and articulating their needs. 4. Inspired and nurtured talents of the young in broadcasting. 5. Involved the public in policy formulation, direction setting and advocacy in the community setting.


Mobile: +63-917-638-1409



Address: Bugasong, Antique

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