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DZMM Radyo Patrol 630 is a station owned by ABS-CBN Corporation. Skeptics say that the radio industry cannot survive this age of internet, ipods, and podcasts where news and information is just a click away. But DZMM Radyo Patrol 630 proved them all wrong! Ironically, thanks to these new and emerging technologies, the seemingly outdated AM radio arrived to its rebirth in this iPod generation. As its dictum states, "Una sa Balita, Una sa Public Service", the station stays true to its promise of serving Filipinos worldwide by providing news, commentaries, entertainment and public service every day, any hour, every time-on-air (DZMM 630), online (, on-TV (DZMM TeleRadyo) and on-site through its special projects! For 28 years now, DZMM successfully managed to endure and outlast the many trends and transformations that the country and the Filipino people faced. With its tradition of excellence, the station never stopped improving, innovating, and keeping its pace in terms of program development and quality broadcasting. Through the years, DZMM remains loyal to its audience as it tirelessly hears out and responds to their concerns, pains, and dreams-giving them the latest news and most interesting features that matter most to every Filipino family. POSTAL ADDRESS: DZMM 630 ABS-CBN Broadcast Center Sgt. Esguerra Avenue cor. Mother Ignacia St. Diliman , Quezon City Philippines


Telephone: Ads:+63-2-415-2272 Local 2521-22 , Direct: +63-2-416-6300, Public Service: +63-2-415-2272 Local 5674



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